Event Results

Event NameCategoryDateLieuPays
2019 University of Melbourne Careers Fair - ALL Degrees Campus Event 05-Mar-2019 Wilson Hall
2019 Monash University Careers Fair Campus Event 07-Mar-2019 Clayton Campus
UL - Career Fair Campus Event 03-Oct-2019 University of Limerick. (Building No 22).
March 4, 2021 CA Virtual Conference for Women Conference 04-Mar-2021 Virtual
Virtual Open Evening | Apprenticeship Program | Fourth Session 9 March 2021 Campus Event 09-Mar-2021 Virtual - Webex
Cisco EXPLORE Day (Canada) Campus Event 09-Mar-2021 Virtual
Virtual Open Evening | Apprenticeship Program | Fifth Session 10 March 2021 Campus Event 10-Mar-2021 Virtual - Webex
Cisco "SO-FResh" Campus Event 11-Mar-2021 Virtual
Cisco "SO-FResh" Campus Event 16-Mar-2021 Virtual
UT Austin - Spring 2021 Div Day Campus Event 03-Apr-2021 @Event's Zoom Link