Workplace Experience Owner

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    Beijing, China
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Workplace Experience Owner


Expectations / Responsibilities: 期望/责任

·       Leads the successful delivery, oversight, and governance of the Cisco workplace experience and relevant contract relationships

·       领导思科工作经验和相关合同关系的成功交付、监督和治理

  • Manages and maintains strong relationships with Cisco stakeholders, end users, and key decision makers for local real estate and facility services.
  • 管理和维护与思科利益相关者、最终用户以及本地房地产和设施服务的关键决策者之间的牢固关系。
  • Drives the Partner teams, as assigned, with a focus on effective outcomes – leverage partner abilities in the execution of outcomes that enhance and support the Employee Experience.
  • 按照分配的任务,推动合作伙伴团队关注有效的结果——在执行结果时利用合作伙伴的能力,以增强和支持员工的体验。
  • Communicate complex ideas, anticipate potential objections and persuade others, often at senior levels, to adopt an aligned point of view.
  • 沟通复杂的想法,预测潜在的反对意见,并说服其他人(通常是高层)采纳一致的观点。
  • Manages the successful implementation and on-going functionality of the Cisco Workplace within assigned portfolio, taking a wholistic approach to the Employee Experience with the Workplace.
  • 在指定的投资组合中管理Cisco工作场所的成功实施和持续功能,对员工在工作场所的体验采取全面的方法。
  • Effectively and pro-actively manages and grows the client relationships at all levels with a focus on building strong and collaborative relationships at senior levels.  
  • 有效和积极地管理和发展各级客户关系,重点是在高层建立强有力的合作关系。
  • Owns and leads in the collaborative approach to Partner teams with a focus on effective outcomes – leverage partner abilities in the execution of outcomes that enhance and support the Employee Experience.
  • 拥有并领导合作伙伴团队的协作方法,注重有效的成果——在执行成果时利用合作伙伴的能力,以增强和支持员工体验。
  • Participates in the development of the Plan of Property and Metro Plan for sites / regions within responsibility
  • 参与制定责任范围内地区/国家的地产计划和区域计划
  • Accountable for on time delivery of projects and programs that impact the Client Experience
  • 负责按时交付影响客户体验的项目和计划
  • As assigned, support physical integration of acquired companies as defined by the Mergers and Acquisitions team
  • 根据分配,支持并购团队,即被收购公司的实体整合
  • Driving Change Management and Design Intent to improve client experience in partnership with the Workplace Experience Organization
  • 推动变革管理和设计意图,以改善与工作场所体验协同客户体验
  • Financial accountability – held accountable within prescribed limits – conducts and communicates on evaluations of options analysis to ensure optimized outcome for Cisco
  • 财务责任——在规定的范围内承担责任——对不同选项分析进行评估并进行沟通,以确保思科获得最佳结果
  • Utilize data and analytics to drive decisions and direction within Delivery
  • 利用数据和分析推动决策和发展方向
  • Within owned portfolio group, develop and leverage cross functional Cisco partnerships (as in IT, HR, SSBR, Procurement) to deliver prescribed services and results that support the employee experience.
  • 在自己区域范围内,开发和利用跨职能思科合作伙伴关系(如ITHRSSBR、采购),以提供支持员工体验的规定服务和结果。
  • Effective planning, analytics, decision making, influencing and negotiating skills
  • 有效的规划、分析、决策、影响和谈判技巧
  • Expected to operate with some level of supervision in a complex environment
  • 预计在复杂环境中进行某种程度的监督
  • Pro-actively partner with the Global Client Relationship Managers in WPR to align agreed upon strategies as well as ensure a local / global interlock.
  • 积极主动地与WPR中的全球客户关系经理合作,以协调一致的战略,并确保本地/全球连锁。


Key Skills:

  • Team Building and Talent Development
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Financial Acumen
  • Service Management
  • Customer/ Client Lens
  • Employee Experience
  • Communication Skills
  • 团队建设和人才培养
  • 客户关系管理
  • 金融敏锐度
  • 服务管理
  • 客户/客户视角
  • 员工体验
  • 沟通技巧

Who You Are:

  • Professional degree or equivalent with 5 to 10 years preferred Corporate Real Estate / Leadership experience
  • Working knowledge of project / program management methodologies
  • Interprets internal / external business challenges and recommends solutions that improve client outcomes and maintain fiduciary focus
  • Ability to monitor industry and market trends and translate to Cisco’s benefit
  • 专业学位或同等学历,5-10年公司房地产/领导经验优先
  • 项目/项目管理方法的工作知识
  • 解释内部/外部业务挑战,并建议改善客户成果和保持信托重点的解决方案
  • 能够监控行业和市场趋势并转化为思科的利益