Sr. Asic Design Engineer

  • Location:
    San Jose, California, US
  • Area of Interest
    Engineer - Hardware
  • Job Type
  • Technology Interest
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Responsibilities :

  • Participate in the development of high-performance ASICs from specification to tape-out, including RTL, synthesis and physical design/timing closure
    • RTL design
      • Participate in the Implementation of new designs using Verilog/SystemVerilog
      • Maintain and improve existing designs from timing, power and area
      • Actively work with the verification team to deliver ASICs with high quality
      • Triage and troubleshoot failures down to the root cause both during pre-silicon verification and post silicon validation
      • Perform diagnostics and tests for ASICs in the lab
    • Physical Design
      • Work with ASIC vendors and internal physical design teams to resolve implementation and timing issues at block/top-level
      • Participate in developing flow/tool methodologies
      • IOs and analog macros (serdes, pll & etc) selection and placements
      • Maintain power/area spreadsheets
      • Entry/exit criteria and checklists for intermediate and final milestones.


Education and Experience Required :

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.
  • 15+ years of ASIC design experience.
  • Hands on experience in RTL Design and/or physical design.
  • Strong experience with Design tools/methodology, PD tools, Synthesis, Timing and Power Analysis.


Preferred Qualifications :

  • Experience and familiarity with high speed interfaces like PCIE, Ethernet, DDR, Peripherals (I2C, Uart, eSPI & etc).
  • Strong understanding of ARM CPU and ARM IPs implementations, Interfaces such as AXI, PCIE, Ethernet and DDR.
  • Familiarity with high performance and low power design techniques.
  • Detail understanding of clock gating techniques and familiarity with power gating (voltage islands) is strongly desired.
  • Prior experience with low power analysis / optimization tools like PowerArtist / Innergy is a plus.


Knowledge and Skills :

  • Excellent Verilog, System Verilog coding and debugging skills.
  • Scripting experience (Python, Perl, TCL, shell programming
  • Proficient in synthesis constraints and timing closure with tools like Primetime
  • Experience with power analysis with tools like PTPX
  • Ability to debug system-wide issues.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Collaborative and team-focused with the drive to learn and grow.