Software Engineer

  • Location:
    Krakow, Poland
  • Area of Interest
    Engineer - Software
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  • Technology Interest
    Software Development, Testing
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Our organization develops and drives managed services offerings and outcomes for customers. We do so by providing outstanding engineers, offers, and innovation


In our Customer Experience (CX) Managed Services and as-a-Service eteam, developers are asked to bring a deep understanding of computer science concepts to the table. Our team is primarily comprised of full-stack developers with a strong Python and systems background. Our day-to-day development environment heavily involves building and pushing Python packages to internal Cisco repositories, building Python-based functions to be used by engineers, and building and interacting with Docker containers within the broader context of our microservices frameworks


You're a stellar Software Engineer who is comfortable designing, writing, integration testing, and documenting Python libraries to be included in other Cisco platforms and packages. Are able to take requirements for senior level CCIEs and translate these into generic Python functions. Have handled support cases, working in the python command-line debugger (PDB) over remote sessions without access to a graphical IDE or in environments where minimal CLI/TTY access is available
•You've achieved a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or related field) with 2+ years of experience
•Have a detailed understanding of modern Software Development Lifecycles and Agile processes; understanding of Kanban, Scrum, Sprints, etc
•A deep understanding of software quality assurance standard methodologies & proven knowledge of test automation, i.e. concepts like code-coverage, unit testing, integration testing, system testing, test determinism, mocking/patching, etc
•You can use Python as a backing language for library development, and also as a Flask-based web backend
•Broad foundational knowledge of working with remote systems, ability to use tools like SSH, telnet, understand PKI, SCP, FTP, NFS, and various forms of host-to-host communication
•Strong understanding of basic Unix concepts like permissions, processes, I/O, etc
•Ability to work with basic Python-Flask backend web framework, and understand HTTP, CSS, JavaScript
•Can demonstrate a basic understanding of networking concepts (TCP/IP, basic route/switch)
•Are comfortable creating, modifying, and running collections of docker containers with docker-compose and pushing Python wheels using Python 3.6 or higher
•Working with large collections of Git repositories and handling multiple branches, tags, and cross-referencing these using Git Sub-modules
•You work with multiple Git branches, understanding rebasing, merging, cherry-picking, and reconciling merge conflicts between developers daily
•Creating, editing, and debugging Jenkinsfiles and GitLab CI as part of CI/CD pipelines used for Python wheel and docker container deployments
•Frequently work with CLI based sessions over telnet & SSH to Cisco and 3rd party vendor equipment as part of test automation library development as well as REST APIs between microservices, mediating GET/POST/PUT/DELETEs between API endpoints, being the definer, implementor, and support staff for those APIs
•Working daily with Engineering IT tools like Artifactory, Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub, JIRA, and DockerHub as a consumer and power user of these tools


At Cisco, each person brings their unique talents to work as a team and make a difference. 
Yes, our technology changes the way the world works, lives, plays and learns, but our edge comes from our people.
We connect everything – people, process, data and things – and we use those connections to change our world for the better.
We innovate everywhere - From launching a new era of networking that adapts, learns and protects, to building Cisco Services that accelerate businesses and business results. Our technology powers entertainment, retail, healthcare, education and more – from Smart Cities to your everyday devices.
We benefit everyone - We do all of this while striving for a culture that empowers every person to be the difference, at work and in our communities.
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Cisco is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, genetic information, age, disability, veteran status, or any other legally protected basis.

Cisco Covid-19 Vaccination Requirements
The health and safety of Cisco's employees, customers, and partners is a top priority. Our goal is to protect and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 infection for strong business resiliency during the pandemic. Therefore, Cisco may require new hires to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 if the role requires business-related travel, meeting with customers/partners (including visiting third-party sites on behalf of Cisco), attending trade events, and Cisco office entry, unless otherwise prohibited by applicable law, and in countries where COVID-19 vaccination is legally required. The company will consider legally required accommodations/exceptions for medical, religious, and other reasons as per the requirements of the role and in accordance with applicable law. Additional information will be provided to candidates about the requirements and accommodation process at the offer time based on region.