Software Engineer Intern - France

  • Location:
    Villeurbanne, France
  • Area of Interest
    Engineer - Software
  • Job Type
  • Technology Interest
    Software Development, Testing
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Start Date: February/March 2022

Duration: 6 months

Location: Cisco Villeurbanne office if Covid pandemic is over

What you’ll do

As a member of the IOT BU engineering team you will participate in the design and development of Cisco Cyber Vision which is a comprehensive asset inventory, network monitoring and threat detection solution for control engineers and IT security leaders to work together in building and managing efficient OT security strategies.

Our solution is developed with the following technical stack:

·        PostgreSQL for storage

·        Golang for sensor and backend

·        ReactJS for frontend

You will work on one of the following projects.

Project 1: Automated performance testing of Cyber Vision sensors

A rising issue that the Cyber Vision team has been facing is keeping track of hardware performance. A lot of changes can impact performance between two software versions, some are wanted, some are not and some are not seen right away.

At the time of writing, executing performance benchmarks is a manual task that takes a lot of time and the results are scattered across teams in different locations and formats. Moreover, the number of hardware devices that Cyber Vision supports is increasing, which makes the task even more complex. The goal of the internship is to create a web platform that can store, display and compare new and old benchmark results. In an ideal future, performance tests would automatically be launched on each new Cyber Vision release.

The technical spread of this task is wide, from front-end development to hardware communication passing through database access, backend architecture and some format parsing. You will be generating data that will have a significant impact on the decision making for future Cyber Vision releases.

Project 1 - Skills needed: 

·        LUA,

·        Linux programming,

·        Go,

·        REST API,

·        RabbitMQ, basis in Javascript & UI frameworks would be appreciated.

Project 2: Feature development for a Cyber security web application

During this internship the candidates will be integrated into a development team and will follow the team’s rituals and best practices (stand up meeting, commitment, quality standards....). He’ll start with a simple feature for the ramp up phase and then work on the same feature as the development team he is integrated in. Examples of topics could be:

·        contributing to the frontend development of a Cyber Security web application to allow it to handle hundreds of sensors in its UI

·        Developing and testing new API route to expose data outside our application

Project 2 - Skills needed: 

·        REACT,

·        JS,

·        JSON or GO,

·        PYTHON,

·        POSTGRES,

·        DNA-UI

Soft skills

By joining the Cyber Vision team, you will be asked to perform exciting tasks such as supervising the development of new functionalities or adapting the architecture to preserve our high level of performance. To carry out these missions successfully, you will demonstrate the following qualities: 

·        Teamwork

·        Eager to learn

·        Problem solving skills

·        English proficiency


INSA or similar Engineering School (BAC+ 4 / Bac +5)

Why Cisco?

#WeAreCisco, where each person is unique, but we bring our talents to work as a team and make a difference powering an inclusive future for all.

We embrace digital, and help our customers implement change in their digital businesses. Some may think we’re “old” (36 years strong) and only about hardware, but we’re also a software company. And a security company. We even invented an intuitive network that adapts, predicts, learns and protects. No other company can do what we do – you can’t put us in a box!

But “Digital Transformation” is an empty buzz phrase without a culture that allows for innovation, creativity, and yes, even failure (if you learn from it.)

Day to day, we focus on the give and take. We give our best, give our egos a break, and give of ourselves (because giving back is built into our DNA.) We take accountability, bold steps, and take difference to heart. Because without diversity of thought and a dedication to equality for all, there is no moving forward.