Software Engineer - Escalations

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    Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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    Engineer - Network
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  • Technology Interest
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Security Business Group (SBG) is an elite team of software engineers who focus on understanding and troubleshooting complex security problems encountered by various Cisco customers worldwide. They tackle hardest of the hard problems found in customer environments on a daily basis. Escalation engineer position is technically very demanding and require very strong problem-solving skills. It challenges one’s theoretical knowledge with situations warranting real-time analysis and live debugging of the problem and provide a smart and intelligent workaround and or solutions.



Does this excite you? This job is for you.



Primary Responsibilities:


Identifies, influences and drives product improvement initiatives


Be the engineering focal point for identifying and resolving customer issues. Ability to handle, diffuse urgent and serious customer engagements.


Determining appropriate problem diagnosis strategies and effectively communicate steps for further troubleshooting across multiple security technologies


Proactively address customer concerns and prevent problems from arising


Provide critical feedback to engineers on design and functional specifications for product usability, serviceability and reliability


Mentor others through one-on-one and formal training


Must be self-motivated and work well with senior engineers and the team.


Ability to effectively present complex technological concepts to a wide audience


Initiates long-term strategic goals and works toward implementation


Partners with management to make strategic decisions. Makes project level decisions independently




Specific requirements:


Strong knowledge of and experience with firewall technology (ACLs, stateful packet inspection, traffic filtering, NAT/PAT)


Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) or VPN technology (IPSec, SSL and client less VPNs, remote access, AAA, certificates), ideally with Cisco’s Firewall products.


Very solid general networking skills, with knowledge of and experience with networking protocols at all levels of the protocol stack, covering architecture, design, implementation, expansion, and troubleshooting of enterprise-level secure networks.


Hands on Experience with advanced software debugging techniques and usage of tools such as gdb, truss/ktrace, tcpdump, wireshark, other Linux utilities and memory profiling tools


Exceptional skills and experience working with customers, including in the most volatile situations.


At least a BE in computer science or engineering, electronics and communication engineering, information technology, or related technical field, or equivalent experience.


6-8 years of technical experience in the workforce.


At least 2-4 years of technical experience with computer networking, and with firewalls or VPNs.


Excellent communications skills: written and spoken (on the phone and in person).



Additional qualifications:


A good working knowledge of programming languages such as Java/C/C++/Objective-C, assembler language, or similar procedural language (scripting experience will also be valuable), or experience in QA, ideally with an emphasis on troubleshooting or test automation. Strong knowledge of Linux.


CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE (with security focus)