Software Engineer- Engineering Applications

  • Location:
    Bangalore, India
  • Area of Interest
    Information Technology
  • Job Type
  • Technology Interest
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Job description:

    Cisco provides a suite of services to it’s Product engineers, that allows them to track defects and enhancement in our products. To support these services there are several tools in our eco-system that need to interact together, to share data and maintain data. This job is going to focus on data management across our eco-system. This may be in the form of bulk updates to existing records, import of data from other systems, integration/translation of data from other systems, or data analysis. 

    The other key function that will be performed is in the area of customer support, in which we help our user base use our system, and surrounding tools in our eco-system. 


Required skills:

  • Dbase (noSQL and SQL, postgres)
  • Data lake (Snowflake)
  • Using Restful API’s
  • Data transformation
  • ETL 
  • Python (scripting, ML/AI)

Additional skills:

  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Customer support
  • Message bus technologies (mulesoft)
  • Java