Senior audio algorithm technical leader

  • Location:
    Shanghai, China
  • Area of Interest
    Engineer - Software
  • Job Type
  • Technology Interest
    Collaboration, Video
  • Job Id

* Lead the architecture of voip product and optimization of audio processing algorithm, include but not limited to AEC, NS, AGC.

* Improve end to end audio quality and experience in video conference and collaboration product.

* Tuning audio processing algorithm cross desktop and mobile platforms.

* Leverage machine learning technology to develop excellent audio experience for customer.

* Lead the research of state of art technologies

Must-have skills/Experiences
* 5+ year experience in real-time audio signal processing research and development

* Proficient in C/C++, MATLAB

*Experience with DSP fundamentals

* Experience in WebRTC

* Excellent collaboration and communication skills.

* PhD or Master in signal processing, computer science or mathematics science.
Good-to-have Skills/Experiences
* Experience in WebRTC
* Experience in deep learning and neural network

* Experience audio application development cross platforms

*Experience with speech signal processing front ends, language modeling, hidden Markov models, decoding algorithms and phonetic analysis