Senior DevOps Engineer - Duo Security

  • Location:
    Austin, Texas, US
  • Area of Interest
    Engineer - Software
  • Job Type
  • Technology Interest
    Software Development, Testing
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As a Sr. DevOps Engineer (DevOps, CI, Infrastructure, Engineering Effectiveness) you will ensure we have a performant and reliable continuous integration and deployment pipeline that gives our Duo Engineers quick feedback and assurance that code is passing all tests and gates in the pipeline hosted in the cloud and on premise.


As a Senior DevOps engineer you will work on and lead projects that impact the organization and span from quick improvements to quarter plus long projects. You will build relationships and create alignment in the organization with technical leadership, presence, and communication. You will Initiate and facilitate meaningful discussions around complex issues. You will propose strategies around technical problems affecting their team, communicate standards and get buy-in on solutions.


Your work will span a range from Continuous Integration and automation to local developer tooling in a mono-repo that is reflected in CI. You will help grow our tooling to support Engineering Effectiveness; building Developer Confidence, optimizing Developer Workflow, helping ensure a manageable end to end Developer Lifecycle, and help with Infrastructure and Support of our build system. You will create api integration services for use in CI that enhance our CI tooling with automated services, such as translation services, third-party and license analysis as well as CI notification services for enhanced engineering communication.


You will partner with Engineering and the Product team to bake in quality at each step of the SDLC. Pipeline creation, test suite and build optimization, and services integration are things you work on from day to day to create a reliable CI pipeline. You will define, measure and publish metrics to measure product and build quality and help the team improve them. You will understand priorities and risks and help focus our quality build efforts on where they matter the most.


You will work with Duo products, cloud services and automation, infrastructure automation, local developer tooling, SAAS products, thus growing the breadth and depth of your knowledge. Learn on the job, every single day and become the best DevOps Engineer and Quality professional you possibly can be!

Skills you have…

  • Collaborate and Influence a small team of engineers and demonstrate impact in an organization

  • Enhance Engineering Effectiveness/Developer Experience and Productivity by working with our Engineers and building tooling and documentation to improve the confidence in our tooling and helping to optimize their Developer Workflow.

  • Continuous Integration/Delivery like Gitlab (preferred), Circle-ci, Travis, Jenkins, buildbot among others

  • Cloud services and supporting APIs like AWS (preferred), Google Cloud Engine, Azure, Openstack

  • Containers  like docker (preferred), rkt, Apache Mesos

  • Container Orchestration including kubernetes, helm charts, and docker registries

  • Building Continuous Integration Services for use in the CI pipeline

  • Continuous Configuration Automation tools like ansible, terraform, puppet, chef or salt

  • Solid Linux skills

  • Scripting and strongly typed Languages like python, bash, ruby, go, java, c#, swift