Security Failure Analysis Engineer - Hardware/Programming Knowledge (5+yrs Exp)

  • Location:
    Bangalore, India
  • Area of Interest
    Information Technology
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Role & Responsibilities

  • Deep understand the product specifications, features as well as the networking standard to develop a specific fault duplication and fault isolation strategy.
  • Provide technical leadership for the Failure Analysis engineering of Cisco’s security product portfolio
  • Live traffic design and configuration for the unit under test to stress the unit to the maximum bandwidth and speeds also verify all protocols and networking features that are implemented on hardware.
  • Customization for the diagnostics software environmental parameters and the way it runs to provide best and fastest fault duplications and isolation of failure mode.
  • Drive for improvements in the accuracy of the fault duplication and isolation, including hard to reproduce and intermittent failures.
  • Lead the Failure Analysis cases review meeting with Cisco teams and suppliers.
  • Engage Design engineering and communicate finding and resolutions of issues.
  • Organize, plan, track and close-out design, components, manufacturing issues associated with the products.
  • Participate in initiatives to enhance existing test strategies, methodologies and test/diagnostic coverage for field returns to drive for improvements in the accuracy of the fault duplication and isolation.
  • Work with Cisco engineering teams to define FA test requirements and strategy for new released products(NPI).
  • Lead by example, hands on develop the technical capabilities at the FA sites. Mentor other EMS FA engineers.
  • Broad knowledge of different technologies, total system perspective of how networking/security devices interoperate.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Ability to decode hardware/software related error messages in security products of Cisco and trace message to hardware/software component error checker.
  • Ability to simulate customer network failures and identify the failures in complex systems, subsystems and components.
  • Experience in setting up and troubleshooting routers and switches in different network/security topologies.
  • Hands on experience in cisco security products such as ASA/Firewall/NGFW/ESA/WSA and their hardware/Software architecture
  • Able to analyze failure logs, NVRAM content, and failure dumps based on the spec.
  • Ability to analyzing and map the customer’s configuration/failure scenario into the FA setup for customer problem recreation.
  • Hands on experience on Security protocols (SSL,TLS, IP Sec, VPN, Firewall, IKE, Network Security, Web Security etc.) and ability to configure and test underlying hardware.
  • Experience creating protocol/traffic patterns which target specific network element hardware.
  • Hands on experience on troubleshooting high complexity HW and ability to isolate to the defective component(s).
  • Experience scripting and automations, Python, TCL, Perl.
  • Strong background and experience in testing methodology, test development and test execution and report generation.
  • Experience using software development and debug tools.
  • Experience in working with engineering/customer facing teams and raising products defects in security area.


Desired Skills

  • Typically requires BSEE/CS plus 8+ years related experience, or a MSEE/CS combined with 5+ years of related experience in the HW/SW/Networking/Security.
  • Cisco Cyber Security Certification a plus.
  • Understanding of cloud technology such as SaaS/IaaS is added advantage.
  • Demonstrated success in leading teams with several key areas of responsibility including new product test strategy, product quality, and test development/deployment.
  • The individual must demonstrate strong technical background in HW, SW, Networking, Security and Failure Analysis.