Sales Business Development Manager

  • Location:
    Minato, Japan
  • Area of Interest
    Business Development
  • Job Type
  • Technology Interest
    Internet of Everything, Networking, Wireless, Mobility
  • Job Id




既に協業関係にある企業や新たな関係を構築する企業のビジネスやソリューションと、シスコのIoT, 5G, Security, SD-WAN, Collaboration等のキーテクノロジーを組み合わせて、市場に大きなインパクトを作るチャレンジができます。シスコとしての注力領域でもあるため、シスコのグローバルで多様なリソースを活用することができます。また、業務においてクロスファンクションで活動することが多く、社内・社外のエグゼクティブとの接点も多いため、中長期的なキャリアオプションに備えることが可能です。


コネクテッドカー、Factory IoT、スマートシティといった今後の社会を牽引する取り組みへの参画を通じて最新トレンドの中に身を置くことができます。

[What You'll Do]  

You will be responsible for building new alliance with key partners where you need to engage senior executives of the partner and create new ecosystem / business model with joint solutions which are related to IoT, 5G, Cyber Security, SD-WAN and Collaboration. You will work cross-functionally both with internal and external stake holders to:

  • Understand the market trend and key technologies in IoT, 5G, Cyber Security, SD-WAN, Collaboration
  • Prioritize and Identify key technologies for Cisco to provide working with Cisco product team
  • Develop strategy for scalable business
  • Jointly design and develop solutions orchestrating Cisco product team and key partner’s product team 
  • Develop go-to-market model to deliver the solutions to the market
  • Finalize the business plan to get the necessary funding and resources from the company
  • Develop and implement the field sales enablement plan 
  • Formulate the process to review the progress in a transparent way at both sides

[Who You'll Work With]

You need to engage broader teams internally and externally such as;



           Key partner’s senior executives 

           Key partner’s strategy and planning function, business development function and product development function

          Cisco Internal: 

          Cisco’s BU (product development organization), Partner organization, Segment Sales Team, Strategy and Planning team, Finance team    

[Who You Are]

  • Reporting to the director of Digital Transformation Division to drive strategic initiatives
  • Passionate about creating new business model with new technology in the market
  • Overall 5+ years of sales or pre-sales or consultant experience in IT industry
  • Required to orchestrate key stake holders both internally and externally
  • Keen to deliver the business results through field execution
  • Required English communication skill to discuss/negotiate with overseas teams 
  • Familiar with financial aptitude with excel business case modeling and/or budget development
  • Comfortable in a remote team working environment; self-motivated and results-oriented
  • Experience in connected car, factory IoT or smart city is preferred
  • Experience in business modeling and solution design is preferred
  • Experience of communication and negotiation with senior executive level is preferred
  • BS/BA or equivalent in a related field. MBA is preferred