Sale Business Development Manager, Country Digital Acceleration (CDA)

  • Location:
    Seoul, Republic Of Korea
  • Area of Interest
    Business Development
  • Job Type
  • Technology Interest
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What You'll Do

Cisco is looking for a Sales Business Development Manager (SBDM) who can address key market opportunities, lead business growth, and deliver results with a strategic mindset.

This particular SBDM will mostly focus on Cisco’s Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) program in Korea. CDA is a unique program of Cisco, through which, Cisco intends to form strategic partnerships with national leadership and industries to accelerate nationwide digitization agendas and create new value for the country, its businesses, and its citizens. CDA modernizes national infrastructure, fosters innovation, creates new jobs, and builds a sustainable future for all (Please refer to this link to learn more about CDA).

You will work with Cisco’s diverse resources in Korea to find and create CDA opportunities, and support CDA project teams with their execution. You will be the bridge between the local and worldwide stakeholders to present the case for Korea’s CDA program and continuously communicate on the progress. You will also be the face of Korea’s CDA program to external stakeholders to represent and communicate the intentions and impacts of the program.

Who You'll Work With

You will be a direct report to the leader of Strategy, Planning & Operation, and you will also work with stakeholders in all areas of the company to harnesses the power of Team Cisco, both local and worldwide. Major stakeholders may include:

Local (Korea)

  • Cisco Korea’s C-suite members
  • CDA project teams that may consist of account managers, engineers, and BDMs
  • All corporate functions (legal, accounting, finance, supply chain, communications, marketing, and HR)

Region (APJC) & Worldwide

  • APJC CDA Board and other APJC CDA country members
  • CDA Operation, communications, and analyst relations
  • Cisco executive and senior leadership members


  • CDA alliance partners and Cisco partners
  • Major Cisco customers
  • Mass media

Who You Are
For this SBDM position, Cisco is looking for someone who is a:

  • Communicator & Coordinator: You will need to actively hear out ideas, opinions, and thoughts among various stakeholders within the company, and at the same time, you will be communicating and persuading them.
  • Supporter/Sponsor: You will be the biggest supporter and go-to-person for all CDA project members who may ask for your help with their initiatives. You will advise them every step of the way in execution of all project initiatives.
  • Self-Learner: With CDA, you may face a need for unprecedented operational procedures or actions where you will need to actively seek out relevant parties for advice, find and conduct research on company guidelines and policies, and set up and implement a new process for all stakeholders.
  • Storyteller: With CDA’s core values in mind, you will help define how every project contributes to the national digitization efforts and a sustainable future for all, and present the stories internal and external audiences.
  • Business Planner: In the heart of the job, you need to have a keen sense of business, with which you will assess and approve the feasibility of CDA project plans, and suggest ways to improve.

The minimum requirements for this role are:

  • 5-10 years of experience in business planning
  • Excellent organization, project management and problem-solving skills
  • Basic understanding on major tech trends and their impacts to industries and society
  • Leadership experience within an organization that consists of various stakeholder groups
  • Ability to communicate clearly in Korean and English
  • Basic understanding of managerial/financial accounting

Some of the preferred – not required – qualifications may include:

  • Managerial experience in management consulting
  • PMO (Project Management Office) experience
  • Experience in working with government leaders and/or business executives in the technology industry
  • Being comfortable collaborating with global/regional/local colleagues as part of a physical or virtual team
  • Basic data analysis and Powerpoint presentation skills
Cisco Covid-19 Vaccination Policy
The health and safety of Cisco's employees, customers, and partners is a top priority. Our goal is to protect and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 infection for strong business resiliency during the pandemic. Therefore, Cisco requires all new hires to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in the U.S., unless otherwise prohibited by applicable law, and in countries where COVID-19 vaccination is legally required. The company will consider legally required accommodations/exceptions for medical, religious, and other reasons as per the requirements of the role and in accordance with applicable law. Additional information will be provided to candidates about the requirements and accommodation process at the offer time based on region.