Comcast Core Routing & Automation Systems Engineer

  • Location:
    Malvern, Pennsylvania, US
  • Area of Interest
    Sales - Services, Solutions, Customer Success
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  • Technology Interest
    Service Provider
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Comcast have spent considerable time designing and implementing homegrown automation solutions to manage and accelerate network deployments. Despite years of effort, only two roles have been partially automated, leaving at least five function roles pending with a potential development cycle of a full year for each. Comcast Architecture and Engineering leadership are feeling the pain due to the absence of automation tools that are needed to help mainstream their Cert. testing and deployment processes and accelerate their time to market.  This is also a challenge for Cisco as those delays impact franchises platform sales and adoption. We need to step in to overcome the competition automation readiness, including OpenConfig (OC) modeling requirements. We also need to help comcast leverage Cisco automation tools Like NSO with Itential, EPNM, Crosswork, and others to make this possible. The network Automation Engineer will need to combine the skill sets of network engineering, automation, and software development to understand the customer challenges, work with our BEs and deliver stable, strategic, and business impacting automation solutions.



·       Proactively scope the technical solutions required to address customer needs, assess customers met and unmet requirements, and recommend solutions that optimize value for both the customer and Cisco.

  • Determine the automation capabilities (e.g. APIs) of the products and platforms involved
  • Design workflow that will serve as the foundation for utilizing and customizing Cisco automation solutions
  • Secure input from all necessary solution stakeholders within Comcast. Adapt solutions, as necessary, to ensure appropriate support.
  • Coordinate closely with internal sales, support, and BE to align solution design with customers’ business requirements.
  • Pursue automation opportunities within Comcast. Collaborate with sales to ensure these opportunities are effectively covered and advance
  • Provide software specifications to the BE and work to bridge the gap between the customer problem and the solution
  • Partner with Cisco BEs, CX and or Solution Plus partners on PoCs, trial or deployment to ensure success


  • Understanding of the CRAN, and backbone network design, products, and protocols
  • Experience configuring routers and switches in production environments
  • Experience testing network infrastructure (e.g. routers, switches) APIs in lab/POC environments and documenting results
  • Experience automating network configuration deployment using modern scripting languages (e.g. JavaScript, Python)
  • Experience with YANG modeling and NETCONF
  • Experience with network automation tools/platforms (e.g. Cisco NSO, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, etc)
  • Experience in server-side Linux-based software development
  • Experience with Wide Area Networking concepts and protocols.
  • Experience with Web UI development using JS, React, CSS and other associated technologies.
  • Experience with software development lifecycle and methodologies such as Agile.
  • Experience designing network infrastructure deployment orchestration
  • Ability to document a complex process, split it logically into subtasks, and turn it into requirements for the BE to drive feature development where needed
  • Experience in developing network MOPs, project plans, task lists, procedures, and network diagram documentation necessary for successful deployments.