CX Labs Technical Consulting Engineer

  • Location:
    RTP, North Carolina, US
  • Area of Interest
    Customer Experience
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  • Technology Interest
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CX Labs provides support to TAC, BCS, SVS, CSS, CAP, and CMS organizations. CX Labs support rebuilding portions of Cisco customer's networks, which allows Cisco Support Engineers to troubleshoot and test in a safe, non-intrusive environment. The RTP lab is a 24/7 mega lab, and we are looking for a person to lead our third shift lab engineers.  


Duty Manager responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing daily operations
  • Ensuring employee productivity
  • Monitoring efficiency of all processes
  • Creating a positive work environment for employees


You will also meet regularly with upper management to stay up-to-date with organizational changes, issues, and improvements.




The person also must possess technical skills to plan, define, implement and operate that takes a technical concept and creates a solution to operate as a single repeatable interoperable group of equipment and software that remote engineers can share as a testbed. This includes experience developing a written plan with timelines, creating a build of materials, document the physical and logical testbed, build the testbed or lead a team to build, add the shared solution into the CX Labs automation tool, validate device and automation functionality and support the automated solution in the form of troubleshooting and resolving layer 1 and layer 2 issues at a pod level. The candidate must also work with operation leads to analyze common equipment uses to predict and define automated test beds too.



Customer Experience Labs (CX Labs) enables technical support and testing labs for Cisco TAC across the globe. These labs are used to test, recreate and debug network issues for all of Cisco’s customers and constitute a critical central component for delivering Cisco’s world-class customer service. These facilities deliver 15,000 setups every year and include over 125,000 square feet of lab space spread across 11 global sites.

RTP is a global CX Lab providing worldwide access to a variety of Cisco devices and software in the form of lab equipment and tools for technical consulting engineers.



This lab utilizes:

  • Active power management for networked devices
  • Server and network virtualization with image and configuration sharing scaled for thousands of engineers worldwide
  • IXIA and Spirent packet and traffic generation tools.
  • Automation, scaling, and management for thousands of devices
  • Security associated with InfoSec-aligned network and device protection, private IP address implementation and maintenance, and VPN/DMZ build-out to enable complete lab access from anywhere in the world.
  • Sharing of equipment through a fully meshed, connected, global lab infrastructure
  • Design and build-out of virtualized, global, remote pods scaled for all theatres
  • Proactive network automation, collection of inventory data and device health information, fault detection and resolution, and default configuration implementation.
  • Custom automation tools to configure and operate the lab equipment.

You will be the primary engineer that installs, administers, and supports automation pods consisting of a variety of networking equipment. This position requires strong operating experience in the following technologies:

  • VLANs
  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
  • Access Control Lists (ACL)
  • Comm Server configuration
  • Password Recovery
  • Save and restore router and switch configurations
  • Rommon or similar base OS recovery
  • Familiar with Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) Tunnels or L2TP Tunnels a plus



You have a good understanding and hands-on experience in routing and switching internetworking technologies. You are also knowledgeable in lab infrastructure and building networks, power distribution, test tools such as Ixia and Spirent, remote and local lab access, building and patch wiring. The candidate should have hands-on expertise with:

  • Cisco IOS on Routers and Switches
  • Cisco NX-OS on Nexus platforms
  • XR OS knowledge a plus


Therefore, we are looking for a technical project engineer with a track record of successful deployment execution, and able to plan, build, and support small solutions for others to use. Looking for a strong communicator with leadership that is both a good listener and has strong documentation capabilities. Experience with the following or similar is required:

Creation of complex physical and logical topology using Microsoft PowerPoint or Visio.

Creation of a project plan and end-user documentation using Microsoft Word

Read and run reports, save and sort data using Microsoft Excel

Experience turning a document into web-accessible content for end-users to operate the solution that includes words, pictures, screenshots in easy-to-follow steps for global engineers where English may not their primary language.



You interface cross-functionally and collaboration extending beyond the workgroup. A self-starter, positive, optimistic attitude towards work with an open mind to do things differently along with strong people skills is needed for this position.

Desired skills:

  • CCNA certification required.
  • CCDA certification preferred, design and project management experience required.
  • Ability to read a programming script, Ansible or Python a plus.
  • Experience using any device automation tool or automation software a plus.