Enterprise Networking Hackathon 2022

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EN Hackathon is a yearly event for innovative minds and out-of-box thinkers to come together with ideas that are game-changing and have the potential for huge impacts. Ideas from past events have resulted in projects that have been added to the product roadmap, funded for further investigation, or even taken directly to Cisco Live! to showcase our engineering ingenuity to our customers.

And as with the 2021 Hackathon, a select group of Hackathon winners will be offered funding through the CTO office to pursue their ideas as their day job
Here's your chance to bring new ideas to life! This time there are three ways to register -
1. You can browse the current set of ideas that have already been registered. 
2. You can register your brand new idea along with your team or as an individual.
3. You can register yourself as a participant who is open to joining any team that needs help.

Joining an existing idea
You can go through all the registered ideas and decide to join any of the ideas that interest you. Please note you can only join one of the existing ideas.

Register a new idea
The hackathon is organized by tracks and sub-tracks as outlined in the Tracks table below. You start by selecting a track for you and your team. Then, with the selection in mind, you'll register yourself and your team members using the team registration link in the steps below.
Keep in mind that there is only one submittal per team. That means you will need to also know your team members ahead of time when you register. If you already submitted your entry and need to change it, please enter a support ticket and one of the organizers will provide assistance.

To review here is a summary:
1. Pick your team members
2. Select a track you and your teammates would like to explore
3. Register your team by applying to this event
4. Register for goodies! No Hackathon is complete without its fair share of goodies. Link to follow

Register as a participant
If you are unsure which idea to pick and don't have a team already, you can still register as a participant by listing your skills and interests. We will work with teams to match needs.

There are 5 different technical tracks and many more sub-tracks against which you can register your idea and team. Have your ideas been reviewed by the technical sponsors identified for that track? Check the links below to see the details about each sub-track. You will also find details on all the teams registered under each sub-track.

Network Automation and Assurance
• DNAC Infra and Applications
• DNAC Cloud Infra and Applications
• vManage Infra and Applications
• IOx Applications, Edge Analytics, Devnet Apps
• Controller Based Network Automation Solutions
• MSX Innovations
• DNA Space/July Systems Innovations

Customer Adoption
• OS and Platform Infra / Features driving Customer Adoption

Security and Cloud Solutions
• Security Solutions
• Cloud Solutions

Development Digitization and Productivity
• Microservices and Cloud Solutions
• Solution Digitization
• Security Digitization and Digital Insights
• Test Automation and Generation
• Connected Workflow
• System Tools and Developer Productivity

Emerging Technologies
• Emerging Innovation
• Tele worker, Micro Branch, Work From Home Solutions
• Futuristic ideas